Co2 Sensor Telaire Т6703

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Co2 Sensor Telaire Т6703

#1 Post by sonik44 » 26 Nov 2020, 15:46

please help add Co2 Sensor Telaire Т6703

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Re: Co2 Sensor Telaire Т6703

#2 Post by TD-er » 26 Nov 2020, 17:25

I made an issue for it on GitHub.
Requests like these can best be done on GitHub as they tend to get lost here on the forum.

I never saw those sensors before.
Apparently they can be connected via UART and I2C, which makes them quite versatile.

This from the datasheet about the ABC also looks quite OK:
With ABC Logic enabled, the sensor will typically reach its operational accuracy after 24 hours of continuous operation.
Sensor will maintain accuracy specifications with ABC Logic enabled, given that it is at least four times in 21 days exposed to a reference level of 400 ppm.
That's a lot more useful compared to the Winsen MH-Z19.

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Re: Co2 Sensor Telaire Т6703

#3 Post by grovkillen » 26 Nov 2020, 21:59

Wow, that's an ancient sensor :o
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