Unable to configure hardware for NRF24L01 ESPEasy Upload

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Unable to configure hardware for NRF24L01 ESPEasy Upload

#1 Post by robatbentley » 20 Mar 2017, 17:32

I'm trying to upload ESPEasy firmware for a NRF24L01 board. I cannot find anything that describes the pin connections required to allow the flash to work. So far, I've got the unit connected to a USB serial connector (with dubious connections) but I can see the NRF24L01 device as a port in Device Manager.
The ESPEasy guide doesn't mention the NRF24L01 explicitly but does look similar to the ESP-01 board. So, can the NRF24L01 actually be flashed for ESPEasy?

When attempting to execute the flash on the NRF24L01 (providing COM port, 512 and 120) as input, I get error message...

Code: Select all

Comport (example 3, 4, ..)           :7
Flash Size (example 512, 1024, 4096) :512
Build (example 71, 72, ..)           :120
Using com port: 7
Using bin file: ESPEasy_R120_512.bin
esptool v0.4.6 - (c) 2014 Ch. Klippel <ck@atelier-klippel.de>
        setting board to nodemcu
        setting baudrate from 115200 to 115200
        setting port from COM1 to COM7
        setting address from 0x00000000 to 0x00000000
        stat ESPEasy_R120_512.bin success
        setting serial port timeouts to 1000 ms
opening bootloader
resetting board
trying to connect
        flush start
        setting serial port timeouts to 1 ms
        setting serial port timeouts to 1000 ms
        flush complete
        espcomm_send_command: sending command header
        espcomm_send_command: sending command payload
        read 0, requested 1
trying to connect...
...and the attempts to reconnect repeat about 10 times before ending with...

Code: Select all

warning: espcomm_sync failed
error: espcomm_open failed
Press any key to continue . . .
The boards I have available are attached in the image below but, so far, only managed to configure the USB serial adapter directly with the NRF24L01 board with connections...


I've sucessfully uploaded ESPEasy using a NodeMCU board but would like to see what cheaper options with other ESP8266 boards I can use for my temperature array. I'm fairly new to this and am somewhat of a novice when it comes to flashing boards that may need pins swapping over, especially where I can't find guidance on-line. I do have Arduino Nano boards so if this is a better way then please let me know.
Once again, any help or guidance will be appreciated.
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Re: Unable to configure hardware for NRF24L01 ESPEasy Upload

#2 Post by paxi » 20 Mar 2017, 21:58

There is simply nothing to flash in a NRF24L01, its "firmware" is etched into the chip. Even of it had a flash you couldn't run a firmware for a completly different system.
Interfacing UART and SPI is also very pointless...

It's like trying to install Windows from a CD on an old Mac with floppy disk drive. :P

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