Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor

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Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor

#1 Post by rubimart » 20 May 2018, 12:34

Hi All,

I have a Maxbotix MB 7589 sonar distance sensor. I would like to use it for mesure water level in my rainwater tank. It has very accurate mesure on the serial TTL output.

The output is an ASCII capital “R”, followed by four ASCII character digits representing the range in millimeters, followed by a carriage return (ASCII 13).

I'd like to send the serial input to MQTT.

Do anyone have idea to how can I solve this without develop a new plugin? I don't want to use the analog output.

If I set the serial port on my NodeMCU, the log looks like:

1145071: Command unknown
1146912: Command: r0934
1146913: Command unknown
1148747: Command: r0934
1148748: Command unknown
1150587: Command: r0931
1156712: EVENT: Clock#Time=Sun,10:16
1165292: Command unknown

Thank You!

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