DHT22 not working with ESP Easy

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DHT22 not working with ESP Easy

#1 Post by Masiwo » 26 Aug 2019, 19:30

Hello alltogehter,

I have connected my DHT22 properly to my Wemos D1 but can´t get it to work with ESP Easy. Many "normal" program scripts to output the temperature and humidity to the serial monitor also didn´t work, but this here finally did the trick! : https://chewett.co.uk/blog/1476/using-t ... i-esp8266/ There is also a modified library involved, related to the 3,3V limitation of the Wemos D1´s digital GPIOS. The EspEasy displaying me in the webinterface "nan" may be also caused by the "normal" library used by EspEasy, calculating the values with 5V.
I´d be very grateful if someone knew how to resolve this problem.

Best regards


EDIT: I figured out, that "nan" is only displayed when I set the setting "IDX/Variable". Otherwise simply 0.0 is shown.

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