M5Stick gadget

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M5Stick gadget

#1 Post by FanOfHue » 27 Nov 2019, 20:41

Searching for M5Stick on this forum did not give any results, so i assume to be the first one to mention the existence of this gadget:
M5Stick.png (81.61 KiB) Viewed 4417 times
Loaded ESPCoreRules onto the ESP32 and added a plugin for the SH1107 OLED driver. Very nice to display a clock and cycle the display for other values automatically or by pressing the button on top of the device.

Device IO is very limited (only two GPIO pins on a grove connector). But when I2C is used,one would still be able to connect several sensors when needed. At the moment i just use it for display.

I had been searching for a while to get my hands on a professional looking case with an OLED display. This is the only one i found sofar.
(I know that an M5Stack exists, but i prefer an OLED display instead of LCD. Maybe they will also announce an M%Stack with OLED in the future)

But maybe others have found similar devices? Please report if you have!

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Re: M5Stick gadget

#2 Post by TD-er » 27 Nov 2019, 23:29

I do have a few of those M5 stack and M5 stick versions at home, but sadly haven't had much time for them.
Good to see it is so much easier apparently to get them working.
I know it took me quite a while, about 1.5 years ago when I tried the M5 stack ones and that one was also quite unstable (probably hardware unstable)

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