Bad Starting behaviour - needs info!

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Bad Starting behaviour - needs info!

#1 Post by moelski » 20 Oct 2016, 20:14

Hi devs,

today I struggled with a very problematic issue ... Actually I finish my Wifi Candle and just want to use a new unused NodeMCU board.
So far so well ... Flashing was ok but then there was no response for a period of time.

It was such a long time that I was thinking ... Damn these board is defected ... :evil:
Ok grab the next one ... Flashing ok ... no response ... :evil: :evil: What the hell is the problem ...
So just flashed a sample and that works out of the box.

Then I added some code ar the very first beginning of the ESPEasy Code:

Code: Select all

void setup()
  Serial.print(F("\nSTARTING SYSTEM ..."));
And hey ... it´s working ...

So I looked at the next steps and it is

Code: Select all

I know you don´t like that part ... but anyway ... It´s very confusing if you don´t get any message while formatting the SPIFFS.
And it could take some time ...

If you take a closer look into fileSystemCheck there are only Loggings ... no Serial.Print statements ...
And the Log Level at that stage is 0 net even LOG_LEVEL_ERROR. But all statements in fileSystemCheck are LOG_LEVEL_INFO ..
So you won´t see anything for a very long time :)

1) Add a simple Starting statement like Serial.print(F("\nSTARTING SYSTEM ...")); after the Init of the serial port. So you get a notification that ESPEasy has started ;)
2) Change the fileSystemCheck output to Serial.print. So you will see something on the hardware ...

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