FW- build PAYA-version of 20181028 to big?

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FW- build PAYA-version of 20181028 to big?

#1 Post by alabama » 30 Oct 2018, 13:21

Last weekend I spent two days for an idea that should take not more than 20 minutes. My problem was that I flashed a new ESP8266-01 with the almost actual build of FW. First it seems everything is ok, but at last it don't work. Ok, the one who can read is clearly in the advantage. After hours I saw that the chip was the PUYA and then (after feeled hundreds of flashing-trials) I read the Readme - and of cause, this was my problem, i think: The chip was the PUYA-version.

But when I try to flash the PUYA-version of 20181028 with 850 kB the process stops at about 96% successful (?), but the blue LED is on forever. And the ESP8266-01 don't work. If I plug it out and in the blue LED is on - forever.

Than I flashed the blank.bin, after that the PUYA-version of 20181022 (828 kB) - that works perfect.

Btw: This helps me to learn how to reactivate another ESP8266-01 which I thought it must be dead: flash with blank.bin and then with some other versions, at least I fond one is working.

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