Input pulse detection

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Input pulse detection

#1 Post by ajheyworth » 06 Dec 2018, 23:48

Hello all

I am connecting my ESP8266 with ESPEasy to a device which unfortunately outputs 4 states from one auxiliary output terminal of an alarm panel.

It differentiates the 4 states by pulses.

1 pulse (on,off - approx 0.5secs high/low) = change state 'disarmed' to state 'armed'
2 pulses (on,off,on,off - approx 0.5secs high/low) = change state 'armed' to state 'disarmed'

on (>5secs) = change state 'silent' to 'alarming'
Off (after on >5secs) = change to ''alarming' to 'silent'

Some of you may be wondering how the alarm could possibly be alarming if disarmed. That's because the alarm can be triggered by panic buttons at any time. Further logic may be able to determine that if 'alarming' and if not armed then the trigger was a panic button.

Is anyone able to help me with a rule for this? As each state is determined, an MQTT message for the state should be published.

I have seen the rule examples for long and short button presses, but this is a challenge beyond that!

Many thanks

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