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RTTTL Repeat

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 21:53
by fbnts

I'm using ESPEasy with Home Assistant and have a buzzer hooked up and I currently use MQTT to play a tone with PWM. I want to actually use RTTTL so it's not just a continuous droning tone. Is there a way to repeat the sequence until a send MQTT message is received to stop? I want to create a sort of siren/two tone alarm for one condition (Side gate being left open too long etc). I suppose I could just repeat the RTTTL sequence multiple times and then every X second get Home Assistant to re-send the MQTT to start it again but that's not really the most efficient way to do it.



Re: RTTTL Repeat

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 22:30
by grovkillen
Yes, using rules (with timer).

Code: Select all

On PlayTune Do
  TimerSet,1,2  //will play again in two seconds

On StopTune Do
  TimerSet,1,0 //disable timer

On Rules#Timer=1 Do
You then use the commands Event,PlayTune or Event,StopTune to start and stop the tune.

PS. Remember that RTTTL is blocking, meaning that the unit will play the tune from start till end. It will not be responding to any commands during this time.