How to send ALL devices status to controller

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How to send ALL devices status to controller

#1 Post by foxejoe » 02 Mar 2019, 09:41

I would like to Publish (refresh) all devices status to controller with an event or command.

As far as I know the simplest way is to create an event in a rule and publish any single device value (i.e)

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on sendDeviceUpdate do 
Publish /%sysname%/Device1/Name,[Device1#Name]
Publish /%sysname%/Device2/Name,[Device2#Name]
Publish /%sysname%/Device3/Name,[Device3#Name]
...and so on
Since I have 30 ESP with several Devices, I am looking for a single command which can be the same for all ESP regardless of name or number of devices.
Is it possible? Any idea?


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Re: How to send ALL devices status to controller

#2 Post by dynamicdave » 02 Mar 2019, 10:25

What you're doing looks like a good solution.

Getting each unit to listen for a common or global event-trigger...

on sendDeviceUpdate do
Publish /%sysname%/feedback, [status_information]

I label each of my Wemos D1 Mini modules (ESP8266-based modules) with a unique node name.

e.g. node30, node31, etc...

So the above publish command would send a unique message via MQTT to your main controller (in my case a Raspberry Pi 3+ running Node-RED).

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