Device action depending on another device's state

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Device action depending on another device's state

#1 Post by ajtofelfa » 12 Oct 2019, 11:08


I'm about to shift my heating control to Domoticz using a Sonoff 4ch attached to zone valves and heater trigger. The logic is written in dzVents and works nice. However, on some occasions the http trigger from Domoticz to switch off a relay doesn't go through to the Sonoff. This is less of a problem if a zone valve remains open, but if the heater keeps on burning, that's quite bad.

Is it possible to write a script locally on the Sonoff in Rules that checks if any of the zone valve relays are on, and if not, then turns off the heater relay after a period of time?

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Re: Device action depending on another device's state

#2 Post by Domosapiens » 12 Oct 2019, 21:50

Did you study the Rules?
Switch the Rules on in the Tools tab.
And then ... ... Rules.html

Good practice is to fire a command Heating_On every 60 sec.
On the receiving side you use a 80 sec. timer for auto Heating_Off

So as long as you receive every 60 seconds the Heating_On command, the heater stays on, otherwise after 80 seconds Off.
Make sure that at boot and reboot the heater is Off.
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