Won’t send bootstate on boot to MQTT.

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Won’t send bootstate on boot to MQTT.

#1 Post by Lansselot » 21 Oct 2019, 17:16

Hello people,
I’m a bit experimenting with the ESPeasy in combination with OpenHAB. After reprograming a view sonoff switches.
I have it working so far that I can send relay commands to the switches and can get sensor data from the modules by MQTT.
I added a device to track the relay status and tread to make the setup a bit more robust by enabling “send boot state”. I expected that ESPeasy would send there state over MQTT after bootup. Bud I don’t get any data over MQTT at bootup, beside the “connected” message.
Should this be expected behaviour or not?
Greetings, Lansselot

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