MQTT Hassio and Wemos relay shield

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MQTT Hassio and Wemos relay shield

#1 Post by thom13 » 13 Nov 2019, 02:38


I'm novice in Mqtt... and bad in English.
I try to configure my Wemos relay shield, with this configuration in configuration.yaml:

- platform: mqtt
name: "Lampe"
command_topic: "lampe/gpio/5"
state_topic: "lampe/gpio/5/state"
payload_on: "1"
payload_off: "0"
qos: 1
retain: true
And nothing happened...

The Wemos is connected with HA, I can read Humidity and temperature from them:

MQTT : Connected to broker with client ID: ESPClient_2C:F4:32:13:14:46
822211: Subscribed to: lampe/#
822213: EVENT: MQTT#Connected
822387: DHT : Temperature: 0.00
822387: DHT : Humidity: 86.00
822390: EVENT: DHT#Temperature=0.00
822437: EVENT: DHT#Humidity=86.00
822448: Domoticz: Sensortype: 2 idx: 289 values: 0.00;86.00;3
822935: SW : GPIO 5 Set to 1

I'm not able to create a device in ESPEasy because GPIO 5 is unavailable.

I'm on Domoticz and can trigger the relay in http, I would like to use HA instead Domoticz... What is the good way ?

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