Hi, Graham from Down Under

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Hi, Graham from Down Under

#1 Post by grunge » 03 Jan 2019, 22:00

I love what this application does and where it is going. Loaded my first yesterday on an ESP-01 black module with a DS18B20, took a number of tries but eventually got this old brain of mine to "learn" :D .
While I can "slowly" read code and sort of understand enough to hack, I'm more about building and getting ideas working. Started out on Arduino, have a number of Raspberry Pi's, have started heading in the direction of NodeMCU modules. I have Google Home sort of integrated to a number of bespoke units, mixed with MQTT, Home Assistant and WeatherDuino. Wifi signal is always a challenge with location, floors and trying to bring in outside information. Reading up on the SmartNodeRules as this might address my wifi challenges.

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Re: Hi, Graham from Down Under

#2 Post by grovkillen » 03 Jan 2019, 22:14

Welcome here! And thanks for sharing.
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