Hi there...

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Hi there...

#1 Post by marstu » 31 May 2021, 23:56

...and already big thanks for your support getting my sun up time calculation solve.

I am marstu a project manager from Germany, quite new to this topic and with no idea on scripting/programming.

At the moment I have 3 ESP8266 incl. some small OLEDs and BMx280 running on ESP Easy connected to Domoticz on a RaspPi Zero W. Further plan is to integrate a camera, but not sure which one and what should be covered. Let's say, it will be a new toy for an old man being a child again, and play around with "useless" things, at least it will be funny to get it working.

KR marstu

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Re: Hi there...

#2 Post by TD-er » 01 Jun 2021, 00:47

Playing with these is very addictive, and you're never too old, or too young for it...
My daughter of 7 years old is also very fascinated by these little things as was I at that age (MSX-1 in 1983)
So have fun :)

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