Hi this is Robin r_255

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Hi this is Robin r_255

#1 Post by r_255 » 21 Nov 2015, 09:27

Hi this is Robin, dutch and running on domoticz and homeseer2 ( best of both worlds )

Great stuff that makes using a esp8266 with domoticz a breeze.
ESPeasy and the hardware (sensors/actuators) are fun to play with!

Sure there are still some rough edges, but compared to the fast growing library of suported hardware thats only logical to me.

For now i am using 2 esp8266 (in wall) to catch the status of 4 light switches for some months and its running rock steady.
A huge thanks to the creator(s) for sharing this! It brings me a lot of fun.

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Re: Hi this is Robin r_255

#2 Post by BertB » 21 Nov 2015, 21:03

welcome to the forum Robin. Hope the fun-factor stays.

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