Grüzi from Switzerland

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Grüzi from Switzerland

#1 Post by Ian » 05 Aug 2018, 15:17

Hello all,

I'm British but living in Switzerland for a loooooong time.

I've been tinkering with Arduino (ESP8266, ESP32) and Raspberry Pi off and on for a couple of years now. I think I'm at a basic level of programming but just found out about ESPEsay which makes things much easier, which is also very cool!!

Now of course I wish to make the obligatory weather and also a plant watering system, Plus a small Solar powered (with sun tracker) power-wall with a 3p 8s bank of 18650 batteries giving 12.6v.
My aim is to run everything on 2 ESP8266's and 1 ESP32 incorporating deep sleep for the plant and solar charging ESP's

1 ESP8266 for BME280/UV sensor/PM2.5 sensor by Plantower
1 ESP8266 for Solar panel sun tracker
1 ESP32 for Plant watering (4 moisture sensors, 4 solenoids, 1 water pump), maybe needs the extra power of an ESP32?

So far I've built a prototype power-wall and ordered and received various parts, including this great find a bank of 4 solenoids.

I've had things running through MQTT and Node-Red but that is only local, so what I'd really like to do is to have everything not necessarily controlled from but visualised on an IoT platform like
Where one has to incorporate various ID's in the code to talk to the IoT platform.

I've had a nose in the wiki and searched for Losant in this forum, could someone inform me if there is or will be a provision for connecting to IoT platforms in ESPEasy?

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