network persistence

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network persistence

#1 Post by leviathan » 12 May 2019, 02:25

Hi, in my project i use an AMICA dev kit. ESP8266 ESP12E 4MB board with -to my best guess- 103 dev firmware. It is configured as a battery powered push button sending some HTTP messages over WiFi. The module stays completely un-powered till i push the button (a self latching bi-stable solenoid micro relay keeps it powered till finish business then i flip to flop the relay with a rule and the module goes again fully disconnected from batteries). So the module always goes through cold boot when someone press it's button.
My question is if that "WiFi persistence" thing is exists in ESPeasy Mega firmware. Namely rewriting some credentials or AP datas in flash memory and wearing out the chip prematurely. For info i use static addresses on every devices and even the dhcp service disabled in my router - the router is kept dedicated just for these smart stuff, and everything runs on the LAN.
regards, lev

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