People Hi ! from Medoc, France.

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People Hi ! from Medoc, France.

#1 Post by JiM » 12 Jun 2019, 14:15

Hi all !
Quick me = forty something years old, 2 kids, working on IT since 20 years, musician, and hopeless DIyer (Woodwork, electricity, electronics, CNCs, 3D printing etc.), discovering IoT to implement domotics @ home.
I am eager to integrate IoT to nature : low energy, resources economies, gardening, bio...i mean applying new technology to improve our bond to nature. My actual project is about using solar power to power IoT to measure garden soil moisture, light, temperature. Using cameras to monitor the animals (cats, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, insects) in the hope to work with them in a collaborative way.

I live in Medoc, France, near Bordeaux (where all famous wine are made).

Glad about how electronics integration went compared to 25 years ago, above all with such firmware as ESPEasy/Mega.
I wish i could contribute myself as a plugin developer as soon as i can.

Cheers !

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Re: People Hi ! from Medoc, France.

#2 Post by dynamicdave » 13 Jun 2019, 09:19

Hi JiM,
I tutor an after-school IoT Computer Club here in the UK.
One of my students has just started a project to build a solar-powered soil moisture sensing and weather station.
The plan is to use a Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266-based device) running ESP Easy that reads the various sensors and sends the information, via MQTT, to a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED.
At the moment he is working on the solar-powered part of the project and sending the Wemos into 'deepsleep' to conserve battery power.
I usually publish various tutorials on the 'Share your projects' section of the Node-RED Forum.

Welcome to the ESP Easy forum and kind regards from David.

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Re: People Hi ! from Medoc, France.

#3 Post by JiM » 13 Jun 2019, 11:25

Thanks David !

I didn't adressed the deepsleep factor yet, but will as soon as the device will be online in my garden.
I will measure temperature, humidity, light and moisture every 30mns or every hours only

For now, and if anyone needs it here are the sensors and other components i use :

BH1750, BME280
a SSD1366 display with the button option (to turn the display for 5 seconds)

2x18650 batteries, wired in parallel to the solar panel as well as the ESP8266 through this little TP4056 board
And these solar panels which deliver a very nice voltage, even inside the house when i tested them.

For the soil moisture sensor though, i wont go at first for the Tindie I2C one, and would rely to an analog one i think. But didn't experiment it yet

Finally once my goals reached, i already though about adding some micro irrigation; possibly via a micro pumping system to control the water much more than a microporous system would.

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