RFLink release 40 is available for download

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RFLink release 40 is available for download

#1 Post by Stuntteam » 07 Apr 2016, 16:31

Download here: http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2/2015/07/bb

- New Device: Oregon Scientific RTHN318
- New Device: Halemeier HA-RHX-M2
- New Device: LaCrosse WS2315
- New Device: Lightwave Contact Switch
- New Device: Acurite 5in1
- New Device: XH110 temperature sensor
- New Device: Cresta WXR710XL
- New Device: Revolt NC-5461 Energy Meter, Otio, Profitec Funk Energiekosten Messgeraet
- New Device: Dooya RF Roller blinds (ao. AC123-16 and others)
- New Device: Envivo PO-1413 doorbell
- New Device: Synapse SN-1613 doorbell
- New Device: OWL +USB
- New Device: OWL Micro CM130
- New Device: Starlux ST101 PIR
- Fixed: Forrinx doorbell
- Fixed: WS2310 Windspeed issue with higher wind speeds
- Fixed: Livolo, Increased number of transmits
- Fixed: Conrad signal detection from Telstick Duo
- Fixed: Some LightwaveRF transmit cases
- Fixed: Keeloq, added button support
- Fixed: Extended XT200 signal range
- Fixed: Improved XT200/XH110, FineOffset & Alecto packet handling
- Fixed: Some Oregon sensor packets were missed
- Fixed: Oregon Humidity issue
- Fixed: Changed protocol name AOK to Dooya
- Fixed: added Dooya (and AOK) packet checksum
- Fixed: Mebus and compatible sensors
- Fixed: Cresta UV sensor temperature and extra data
- Fixed: CM119 total values
- Fixed: AlectoV1 Rain, Wind and Humidity values
- Changed: WH5029, Added battery state, fixed negative temperature, wind speed and wind direction values
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