Sending keeloq packets

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Sending keeloq packets

#1 Post by ag74 » 14 Feb 2019, 13:31


I'm using two RFLink with domoticz, one for my 433 Mhz sensors/actuators and one for my 868 Mhz ones.
Everything works fine except that I can't send keeloq packets.

I can see when I press buttons on my shutters remote controlers but I can't simulate them because it's not supported.
I know it is because of the encryption and the rolling code.

Since RFLink is able to decode which button has been pressed this means that maybe only the rolling code is encrypted otherwise RFLink wouldn't be able to decode the button's info.
Or the encryption is only used during the pairing procedure...

My next questions are for the dev team...
If someone can spy the pairing process using the RFLink debug features and send you these pulses info, do you think you could implement the pairing process ?
I mean maybe a public key is sent during the pairing procedure and we could use it or at least develop a learning procedure on RFLink or whatever that could help simulating keeloq as it's done for Somfy RTS.

I work as an embedded software developper in an electronic company. Maybe I can help you.

I'll check my shutters user manual and see what's the pairing procedure.

If you guys have the specification of the keeloq protocol maybe you can tell me what could be spied.

Hope we can improve RFLink.

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Re: Sending keeloq packets

#2 Post by Stuntteam » 14 Feb 2019, 14:29

The button identification is not encoded, thats why RFLink can see it.
However, the Rolling Code is encoded, thats why RFlink can not send with this protocol.
It would required a decryption key to decode the rolling code. This key is different for every device.
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Re: Sending keeloq packets

#3 Post by sbienia » 08 Mar 2019, 11:34

Any update of it? Will it be possible to pair RFLink with keeloq device? For example my BFT motor has option to pair additional remotes using paired remote.

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