RfLink & Ethernet (TCP232-T2)

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RfLink & Ethernet (TCP232-T2)

#1 Post by rafa1213 » 24 Apr 2019, 14:16


i want to connect my mega2560 over ethernet with domoticz.

The Problem is, that the mega2560 doesn't receive my commands.
Sending(from mega to domoticz) works perfectly.

i have a chinese mega2560 board with a CH340G.

The Ethernet to TTL adapter is a USR-TCP232-T2 Module.

TX0 (Atmega) <--> RXD (TCP232)
RX0 (Atmega) <--> TXD (TCP232)
3.3V(Atmega) <--> 3.3V(TCP232)
GND(Atmega) <--> GND (TCP232)

I've already tested the atmega and the TCP232 with an serial to usb adapter(B75937). Both are working perfectly (sending and receiving).

but if i connect the tcp232 with the atmega i can only send from the atmega to the ethernet, but the atmega can't receive anything from ethernet.

I'm not sure if the Atmega uses Rs232 or RS485.

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