Regular 433.920 remote pairing issue

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Regular 433.920 remote pairing issue

#1 Post by adesfire » 17 Aug 2022, 19:02

Hi there,
I got my hardware today, goal is to control both RTS stores and regular 433.920 garage doors.

This topic is about the garage door issue, I set the RFLink into learning mode then push the buttons of my remote, nothing happened on the terminal, while I was receiving neighborhood signals.
The remote is a Proem ER2C4 ACD 433.920 Mhz remote I bought on Amazon recently ... ct_details, which is programmed with switches, and according to its frequency, might be compatible with RFLink?

My objective was to record both buttons signals to be able to reproduce them after, using Home Assistant

Anyway, if one of you guys could put me in the proper direction, that would be great!


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