SOmfy RTS - movement in steps

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SOmfy RTS - movement in steps

#1 Post by mmjoy » 23 Jun 2023, 12:00

Hello. I have purchased rflink for RTS for my friend to control motors on his terrace. He basically has 4 motors - 3 for up/down/stop for sunscreens, and one on the roof to turn lamellas. I managed to pair all 4 of them, however roof ones are acting differently than others.
When I move sunscreens, they go all the way up/down or until I stop them which is expected.
With roof lamellas, when I move them, on first move (up or down, does not matter), they tilt only slowly (even movement is slow) and stops in about a second. On second movement press, it repeats the behavior. It is 3rd of 4th attempt when they actually start moving as expected, also speed of turning of lamellas is usual, and they move until they fully open/close.
I suspect that may have something to do with step movement, as even with remote controller, there is a wheel that allows to move them in steps. I was wondering if this is by design, or there is some way to let them fully open/close at usual speed even on first key press?

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Re: SOmfy RTS - movement in steps

#2 Post by bidrohini » 25 Jun 2023, 00:03

Actually without seeing a picture or link, it is quite difficult to make a suggestion. I'd suggest you to test the roof motor separately and observe its behavior.

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Re: SOmfy RTS - movement in steps

#3 Post by javicalle » 19 Oct 2023, 21:21

Some RTS motors have that behavior.
According to the docs:

Code: Select all

Press the MY button on the Telis RTS remote control for 5 seconds, the blind will confirm to indicate the change of mode.
* viewtopic.php?t=8151
* ... er+RTS.pdf

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