Trouble Connecting "NODO NRF24L01" to Arduino Mega

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Trouble Connecting "NODO NRF24L01" to Arduino Mega

#1 Post by Scoutamis123 » 16 Nov 2023, 23:07

I'm following the wiring instructions on RFLink's website, and I am able to wire my NRF24L01 for Milight/Applamp/Limitless LED no problem. However, I want to try wiring it for the more generic NODO NRF24L01 sensor... The problem is it says both Pin 2 and Pin 3 should be connected to 3.3V VCC, and from what I can tell the Arduino Mega only has one 3.3V pin. How can I connect it correctly if this is the case?

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Re: Trouble Connecting "NODO NRF24L01" to Arduino Mega

#2 Post by Stuntteam » 17 Nov 2023, 19:18

Do you have any NODO transmitting devices?
As NODO is much more DIY and hands-on you would probably already know how to wire.
If you dont have NODO devices it does not make sense to wire RFLink for it. You can be sure it will not receive signals from other non-NODO devices.
It will for sure not help with your ceiling fan. ;)
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