ESP32-PHY RL8201FI Receive Problem

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ESP32-PHY RL8201FI Receive Problem

#1 Post by mobrep001 » 04 May 2024, 16:44

I have designed a custom board with wired ETH using PHY RTL8201FI. I am able to program and load drivers, however, when I process request like a test client to etc, the device resonds "Connection Failed". I then used NTP example to see if that works, The NTP replies sometimes with Time and sometimes with nothing. Need help if somne can help me resolve the issue and guide me through.

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Re: ESP32-PHY RL8201FI Receive Problem

#2 Post by Ath » 04 May 2024, 19:05

Are you running ESPEasy on your board, or 'plain' Arduino, or IDF?
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Re: ESP32-PHY RL8201FI Receive Problem

#3 Post by TD-er » 04 May 2024, 23:00

Which exact ESPEasy build are you using? (see for exact filename the sysinfo page)
I assume you're using a recent build with "LittleFS" in the name as those use the recently refactored Arduino network code.

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