INA219 current/power always -0.00

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INA219 current/power always -0.00

#1 Post by treii28 » 20 May 2024, 16:54

I am using a xiao ESP32S3 and wanted to monitor the power coming straight out of the battery going into the 12v->usb buck converter. I get voltage values just fine but current and power are always -0.00. I am not using a 'shunt' as it is only the xiao and a 10W pump connected through the INA219 so at 12v it should be well under 2A max.

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Re: INA219 current/power always -0.00

#2 Post by TD-er » 20 May 2024, 18:23

How is the INA219 wired?
Can you describe how it is wired?

I just searched online for some images on how it should be connected.
Found this one which seems the most clear one:

What I notice is that the GND of the load seems to be isolated from the GND of the Arduino.
So I wonder if you can even measure the load of the ESP itself.
I have to read the datasheet thoroughly to make sure.

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Re: INA219 current/power always -0.00

#3 Post by ekrzychoooo » 04 Jul 2024, 14:32

In the above diagram, there is no control of the input voltage which should be below 26V.
It's easy to damage the input pins.
INA219 ground and loads should be connected.

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