Newcomer but not young

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Newcomer but not young

#1 Post by knasson » 26 Feb 2024, 09:56

Hey, in the jungle of frequencies et protocols I think perhaps to find my way with the help of this forum.
For now I am looking for a gateway operating in the 868,3:MHz In FSK modulation.
I am using second hand swing shutters and their frequency is 868,3:and FSK modulation .I hope to succeed in intégration in domoticz.

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Re: Newcomer but not young

#2 Post by bidrohini » 26 Feb 2024, 16:08

Since you mentioned integrating with Domoticz, you can check if there are specific gateways or plugins available for devices operating on the 868.3 MHz frequency.

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Re: Newcomer but not young

#3 Post by TD-er » 26 Feb 2024, 23:50

868 MHz and FSK modulation is by far not enough information.
Maybe the RF-link project (also on this forum) can decode this, but I'm not sure.
Quite a lot of protocols use FSK. Even LoRa is based on the principles of FSK.

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Re: Newcomer but not young

#4 Post by Ton_vN » 28 Feb 2024, 10:44


Which manufacturer and model are the swing shutters and the related 868MHz control devices?
That info is essential as input for a relevant response from a forum.

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