No connection ESP01 and Relay

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Re: No connection ESP01 and Relay

#51 Post by Mira80 » 11 Jan 2020, 17:14

Hi there, everything is about which relay module you have. ESP-01 relay V1.0 there you have to do to changes first wire connect VCC pin and CH_PD pin picture1 step two is take out R2 picture 2.

ESP-01 relay V4.0 only first step connect VCC and CH_PD.
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Re: No connection ESP01 and Relay

#52 Post by dynamicdave » 11 Jan 2020, 20:55

Only just seen this thread.

I spent a couple days (a month or so ago) trying to sort out why the ESP-01 didn't work after I used the programmer, shown above, to flash it.

Discovered like a few people that a pull-up is missing on SOME of the ESP-01 boards.
I had a mixture of boards, so some worked and some didn't - which just added to my confusion.
The miniature 'programmer' does have pull-ups so when the ESP-01 is mounted on the programmer it will work correctly.

Solution is a 10K pull-up resistor from the CHPD pin to +3v3 if you want to operate the ESP-01 in standalone mode.

Cheers from David.

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