Devices with direct dimming functionalities

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Devices with direct dimming functionalities

#1 Post by Ickx » 05 Jan 2018, 17:58


im looking forward to get a set of 433 mhz dimmers with direct dimming capabilities that i can use with RFlink.

My first question is, which protocols enable direct dimming. Only the NewKaku protokoll (set level between 0 and 15)?
And second, from the supported devices list, which devices can be used with those direct dimming enabled protocols?

I already purchased a Homeasy device (HE872) and it works as designed with the HomeEasy protokoll but i failed to get direct dimming functionalities. Somehow the NewKaku Protokoll is able to execute an ON command but nothing else.

I searched a bit through the HomeEasy, Smartwares, Kaku and CoCo devices and read some dimmer manuals and couldnt find any that wouldnt use the cycle method for dimming (two times ON to start dimming and third time to set the desired dim level)

Appreciating any recommendations

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