vThings Air Monitor Figaro CDM 7160 & Cubic PM2005 / I2C-Bus

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vThings Air Monitor Figaro CDM 7160 & Cubic PM2005 / I2C-Bus

#1 Post by Morgennebel » 11 Aug 2018, 17:39


I do have a vThings Air v3 Monitor (http://vair-monitor.com/2017/01/06/vthi ... onitor-v3/) which is based on a
  • CO2 Sensor type Figaro CDM 7160
  • DUST Sensor type Cubic PM2005
Unfortunately this startup company has stopped further development and further updates - and I am wondering if these sensors can be added to ESPEasy instead?

The CO2 Sensor speaks I2C and PWM - a full spec and I2C commands are documented at https://cdn.sos.sk/productdata/52/08/da ... dm7160.pdf
The Dust Sensor speaks I2C as well. Some documentation is here http://diwellshop.cafe24.com/web/DATASH ... PM2005.pdf

My programming skills cover perl and are aged good 20 years. But I am happy to support any tests and beta solutions as needed.

Thanks, -MN

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