About espeasy 2018-09-03 fireware version

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About espeasy 2018-09-03 fireware version

#1 Post by spender » 04 Sep 2018, 03:37

I want to make an infrared remote control learning function, at the same time through the infrared emission tube to launch analog signal products, core components using esp8266, microcode use Espeasy.
Through the customized configuration, the received infrared code is sent to the server Domoticz via the MQTT protocol, which is saved by the servers and then controlled by the Domoticz to send the relevant analog keys via scripting.
1: Receive code unstable, often drift, the new version of the Espeasy no longer support inversion, what's going on?
2: Encoding more than the case, the new version of the log said buffer space is insufficient, need to adjust, it is recommended to delete the subsequent duplicate code, and one-time send these 64 bits, hope to modify the source code.
3: The signal rises and falls to be captured, as if there is no such option.

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Re: About espeasy 2018-09-03 fireware version

#2 Post by TD-er » 04 Sep 2018, 10:15

The IR code has moved to a new separate build, and has an updated library which takes a lot of resources.
As I understood it, you may need to disable unused protocols (which demands a personal rebuild), so I may have to take a look to make it more configurable.
Look for the "IR" in the filenames of the pre-built images.

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