Release information [STICKY]

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Release information [STICKY]

#1 Post by grovkillen » 12 Sep 2018, 09:54

From today and onward we will try to add specific info regarding issues with releases.

The topic is locked for comments and only me and TD-er will add info here. BUT you, our valued user base, are the one reporting problems so if you are experiencing problems and have found bugs etc. Just open a new topic and if we can find that the bug is actually introduced by us we'll add information in this topic here.


Release: mega-20180916
Issue: Boot loops has been reported by multiple users. Could be due to rules being activated.

Release: mega-20180915
Issue: Boot loops has been reported by multiple users.

Release: mega-20180910
Issue: Do not use MQTT import. It will lead to a boot loop which is hard to restore.

Release: mega-20190219
Issue: Release was deleted. All tested images resulted in crashing units It may be related to some update the day before which may have damaged the cached build environment. All Travis caches have been cleared.
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