sensing (real) human presence, not movement

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sensing (real) human presence, not movement

#1 Post by pppp33 » 04 Jan 2019, 21:44

hello there,
To build a human presence sensor, I just set up a radar switch (the typical RCWL-0516 board you find in aliexpress), with 3 min histeresys (delay before it considers the room unhabitated), but discovered that often it doesn't detect presence if I'm quite stationary on my seat, since there's not enough movement to activate it.
Did somebody in the forum experience this issue ? Found any solution ?
I found that OMRON developed D6T human presence infrared sensors family: there are 1x1, 1x8, 4x4 array elements sensors.
Does somebody know and/or use them ?
Could they be a WORKING solution for huma presence sensing ?
Have somebody considered something else ?

Regards to you all in the forum....


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Re: sensing (real) human presence, not movement

#2 Post by grovkillen » 04 Jan 2019, 22:56

You should probably add more sensors to it. CO2 as an example + maybe a PIR. All these will TOGETHER indicate presence of living creatures.
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Re: sensing (real) human presence, not movement

#3 Post by Shardan » 05 Jan 2019, 11:12

I've some ideas about presence detection.

Movement sensors like radar and PIR never worked reliably for me, they always have the
effect the thread opener described.

One possibility that already exists with ESPEasy might be a infrared thermo sensor that detects
body temperature: MLX90614 for example, a plugin exists...
Waiting for my samples for testing, might work for an office desktop mounted beneath the desktop.

Another thing that might be possibe are infrared matrix cameras like the AMG8833.
Following the description it should be possibel to detect temperature and moving as well.
There's no plugin yet for these cameras.

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