Milight RGB CCT paired but not working properly - Domoticz

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Milight RGB CCT paired but not working properly - Domoticz

#1 Post by butteryak » 05 Jan 2019, 22:45

I have managed to pair my milight fut015 bulb, The pairing worked well, as per the FAQ instructions. I can turn the bulb on and off, and brightness level works, I can sorta set colors (no staturation controls or way to set warm/cool).

The two major issues are:
one: When I click the "Full Light" button, nothing happens.
two: also notice If I set the dimmer down below about 25% the light dims, but it also changes the saturation of the color.

I note that there is no saturation control? There does not seem to be any way to adjust this, and once the light is set at a specific saturation, there's no way to adjust it.

Note there is no way to set cool/warm white, or reset back to white once color is chosen.

My RGBW bulbs seem to work pretty good....

Using Domoticz (latest version) installed on Rasberry pi latest version.
Arduino Mega with NRF module. Latest version of RFlink 48.4

So far looking ok though, pairing was easy, no issues there. but would really love to sort out these bugs, otherwise It's not so usable with the RGB CCT bulbs.

Thanks much for your efforts ++

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