Can`t get _P105_RGBW Plugin compiled

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Can`t get _P105_RGBW Plugin compiled

#1 Post by sm0k0 » 12 Jan 2019, 08:57

Hi there,
maybe somebody here who can help me with the compile of the _P105 from Plugin Playground.

Given :
- working IDE PlatformIO (Arduino IDE not working with ESPEasy_mega-20190110 without heavy customization)
- SRC ESPEasy_mega-20190110 (others tried also)
- _P105_RGBW from Plugin Playground
- Choice of ESP board/Mem makes no difference
- on an Windows10 System

I followed the standard advices also working for other plugins, nearly all Playground plugins can be compiled, _P105 always dies with
D:/SourceCodes/ESPEasy/src/_P105_RGBW.ino: In function 'boolean Plugin_105(byte, EventStruct*, String&)':
D:/SourceCodes/ESPEasy/src/_P105_RGBW.ino:861:34: error: invalid initialization of non-const reference of type 'String&' from an rvalue of type 'char*'
D:/SourceCodes/ESPEasy/src/Misc.ino:637:6: error: in passing argument 2 of 'bool GetArgv(const char*, String&, unsigned int)'
As i`m not a programmer i just farly understand that there is something wrong with a type onversation of a passed/not passing argument but i have absolutely no clue where to search. :(

Any hint or advice would be very welcome

Many thanks in advance & best regards

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Re: Can`t get _P105_RGBW Plugin compiled

#2 Post by ripp2003 » 19 Jan 2019, 11:48

Hi in the __P105_RGBW.ino, put comment for lines 432 to 438

Code: Select all

//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 2)) Par[1] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 3)) Par[2] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 4)) Par[3] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 5)) Par[4] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 6)) Par[5] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 7)) Par[6] = str2int(TmpStr1);
//    if (GetArgv(command,  TmpStr1, 8)) Par[7] = str2int(TmpStr1);
Now compil and work

After some research on anothers plugins, it seems getargv function not being used anymore
Test this and tell me

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Re: Can`t get _P105_RGBW Plugin compiled

#3 Post by sm0k0 » 27 Jan 2019, 09:17

Great Job ripp2003 ! :D
That did the trick, many thanks !!
DATA: [====== ] 55.7% (used 45644 bytes from 81920 bytes)
PROGRAM: [========= ] 86.5% (used 771988 bytes from 892912 bytes)
[SUCCESS] Took 27.20 seconds
Plugin is compiling properly and working as expected.
Thanks again and regards

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