Temp / Hygro F007TH troubles

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Temp / Hygro F007TH troubles

#1 Post by db2053 » 12 Jan 2019, 22:07


I begin with RFlink.

Getaway prototype on a bread with Rf module Velleman RX433N, a PullDown on the data link and a 35cm 2.5mm² copper wire as antenna
5Vcc seems clean (less than 50mv of noise)

I have 2 switch with "NewKaku" identification. The 2 switch work well (less than 10% off transmit loss).

But I have a Renkforce FT007TH with "F007_TH" identification with lot of transmit loss. The Renkforce FT007TH send data evry 60s, but the RFlink getway send decoded data only few time per hour, some time 40minute between 2 decoded transmit.

Both, switch and FT007TH are place close to the getaway.

The Velleman RX433N have a "linear out", I am not sure but it look like a RSSI out. View with a scope, amplitude of transmit from my switch an from the FT007TH are similar and with very good SNR.

At each FT007TH transmit the debug mode trace data like this :

Code: Select all

But data are not always decoded.

I am not fluent with RF applications, I suppose some explanation :
- trouble with my receiver, I don't now if it is a good one. But the 2 switch are well detected
- trouble with the FT007TH probe, unstable transmit timing for example
- software bug

Any one have an idea ?



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Re: Temp / Hygro F007TH troubles

#2 Post by db2053 » 12 Jan 2019, 22:53

I just do new observation, transmit length of the 2 switch is much more longer than the F007TH transmit length (around 650ms again 200ms)

The switch transmit look like 8 small transmit. Is that possible that a device send many transmit with random delay to avoid data collision and the getaway transmit only one command ?

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Re: Temp / Hygro F007TH troubles

#3 Post by Stuntteam » 13 Jan 2019, 14:58

RFlink does not transmit F007 or any other weather station signals.. it only receives..!

If you want to try a RX/TX module that is untested/unlisted then you should probably also get one of the listed modules for reference.. like the rbx6 or so.
Make sure devices are not too far away when testing but also make sure they are not too close, a range < 1 meter is often not good.

You could also make a longer debug log of the F007 and mail that to me.. make sure you follow: http://www.rflink.nl/blog2/development
-=# RFLink Gateway Development Team #=-
Introduction: http://www.nemcon.nl/blog2/
Generic Support forum: http://www.esp8266.nu/forum/viewforum.php?f=8

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Re: Temp / Hygro F007TH troubles

#4 Post by db2053 » 13 Jan 2019, 21:04

Sorry my post was not clear, sorry for my English.

My getaway have only an Rx module and have no Tx capability.

An F007_TH probe is only a Tx probe with no transmission acknowledge management.

When I spoke about F007_TH transmit loss, it was about transmission from the prob F007_TH to the getaway.

I will prepare a debug log with many received data from the F007_TH probe and send it to you by mail.

Is there some documentation that describe timing to binaries conversions ? to help for analyze ?

Thanks a lot for the job you have done with RF-link

Best regard's


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