flickering/pulsing lights with wall switch

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flickering/pulsing lights with wall switch

#1 Post by sups » 14 Jan 2019, 16:20

Hello all,

I need some help.
I have a Sonoff basic running espeasy. I wanted to be able to control the relay using a standard toggle wall switch (the UK kind), so i've extended Ground and gpio14 to the wall switch but I've also added a 4.7k resistor between 3.3 and gpio14. Its to control 8 LED down lights.

All generally works but what I've found is that if the switch is in the on state and the lights are on, after some time the lights will turn off then turn back on immediately, this continues randomly.
I've read that this could be because the wires to the switch may be too long, but in my case the wire are around 5/6 meters round trip so not very far, plus i have the 4.7k resistor so i'm not sure why its happening.

I've ordered some 100pF capacitors, which i'll add in between ground and gpio14 when it arrives. I already have have a sonoff working perfectly in a 2 way switching setup just by using the resistor (cable length to the closest switch must be 10ish meters round trip), so I'm not sure how successfully I will by adding in a capacitor. while i wait for delivery is there anything i could do/test to work out whats causing the flickering?

any suggestions appreciated.


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