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ESP Easy to Fibaro

#1 Post by miszuni » 03 Feb 2019, 10:08

I want to send information about temperature, humidity and pressure to Fibaro, which requires authorization. I need to do it cyclically in separate URL calls because I want to do this in to a separate Virtual Device: 1. VD temperature 2. VD humidity, 3. VD pressure
Currently I am sending these parameters to one virtual device. Example below.

I use for this Generic HTTP:
Controller User: loginToFibaro
Controller Password: passwordToFibaro
Controller Publish: api/callAction?deviceID=199&name=setProperty&arg1=ui.temp1.value&arg2=Temp:%val1%,%20Hum:%20%val2%%20,%20press:%20%val3%

I think I should use rules and sendtohttp but how to send SendToHTTP with authorisation?
SendToHTTP IPfibaro,80,/api/callAction?deviceID=200&name=setProperty&arg1=ui.temp.value&arg2=%val1%
SendToHTTP IPfibaro,80,/api/callAction?deviceID=201&name=setProperty&arg1=ui.hum.value&arg2=%val2%
SendToHTTP IPfibaro,80,/api/callAction?deviceID=202&name=setProperty&

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