maximum frequency for pulse counter

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maximum frequency for pulse counter

#1 Post by pitrio » 04 Feb 2019, 11:52

dear all,

I'm trying to use pulse counter but I have some problem, in particular seems that "count" value is random number. I'm trying to change debounce time but nothing change.
doesn't work properly.
my questions are:
how much is the maximmu frequency that i can measure with this plugin?
Can I reach to measure period time T <= 10 msec (5 msec ON and 5 msec OFF)?
In the new versions, a lot of task, update automatically the value (more o less one time per second), counter pulse task no, I have to manually update to see a new number.
It's possibile auto-update the task with the "Interval:" time set on counter pulse task?

thank you so much!


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