Deep Sleep issue

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Deep Sleep issue

#1 Post by motion2k » 11 Feb 2019, 16:52

Hello dear users.

I have a wemos d1 which I a wanted to use with deep sleep. So I bridged GPIO16 and RST.
But after plugging the power to the board, it doesn´t boot. Only when I press the reset button,
it boots up and then also deep sleep works fine.

Where is the issue, the board not booting once its plugged in? I guess its not really convenient
to press the reset button after each power outage :)

Firmwares used:
mega-20190202 & mega-20190108

Funny enough: with R120 it works flawless, boots up just fine and deep sleep also working well :/

Can you please provide me some help, since I really want to use the mega firmware instead of the older R120.

Thank you

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Re: Deep Sleep issue

#2 Post by kimot » 11 Feb 2019, 19:56

Try V2..0 firmware. It Is half way between R147 and mega. But more stable than mega for me.

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