Local NTP Server, Port

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Local NTP Server, Port

#1 Post by mlfactory » 12 Feb 2019, 20:36


my Wemos with EasyESP runs only local without any connection to the internet.
It connects to a AP/Hotspot of an Smartphone. On the Smartphone i installed mysql, php and lighthttp.
Easyesp sends values to the Smartphone - all ok.

Problem is now the Clock/Time.
I have installed a local NTP Server at the Smartphone.
I cant use the standard ports for ntp - the ntp server listning to port 1233
Now the hot question, how i can change the Port?

If i do something like this:

Code: Select all 
in the NTP Server settings i see this in the log:

Code: Select all

3127119: NTP : NTP host ( queried
3128125: NTP : No reply
Is the input format correct with the port?

Why it says

Many many thanks,

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