how to compile after change in plugin

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how to compile after change in plugin

#1 Post by dkeipp » 05 Mar 2019, 15:25


first of all a sentence to that what I want to do:
I use a oled display that works fine with plugin 36 and SH1106 setting. But I want to have sensor values in the header (and maybe in the footer) and the current time in one line in the middle of the display ("body").

I had a quick look into the Github repository and I think that it is not a problem for me to change the sketch ( ... meOLED.ino) for my needs by myself.

But I have no idea how to compile the whole thing that I can upload it to my ESP.

can someone explain how to go on?!

I clone the repository to my local computer -> copy _P036*.ino to _P099*.ino -> do my coding work there -> ???


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Re: how to compile after change in plugin

#2 Post by grovkillen » 05 Mar 2019, 19:16

Easiest is to download the entire project (as a zip, link in the code section on GitHub). Then open that project in, preferably, Platformio and do your changes and then do the compile from within Platformio.
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