Connection lost (90%) after a couple of hours

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Connection lost (90%) after a couple of hours

#1 Post by foolish3 » 13 Mar 2019, 10:49


I use easyesp in order to get the current temperatur from a DHT22 to create a graph in cacti. I flashed my esp8266 with the image "ESP_Easy_mega-20190106_normal_ESP8266_4096.bin" without any issues. I am also able to configure wlan. The problem is that directly after the configuration I am able to see nearly no ping loss (1%) but after a couple of hours I am able to see packet loss of around 80%.

At the same time I use a Obi WLAN v2 (esp8266) with sonoff-DE.bin. The position for the obi wlan power adapter is the same. The packet loss for this device is allways at around 1%.
I already played arround with the sleep timer but this didn't solve the issue.

Does anyone has a hint for me in order to get easyesp constantly working.

BR foodlish3

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Re: Connection lost (90%) after a couple of hours

#2 Post by TD-er » 15 Mar 2019, 13:27

In the latest builds, there is a new option "Gratuitous ARP". Please enable that one.

You could also try to let some host ping the ESP continously to see if that will have a positive effect too.

Also try to find out what core library is used on the "working ESP".
Is it core 2.3.0?

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