CLOSED mega-0315 web log does not work anymore ? #2399

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CLOSED mega-0315 web log does not work anymore ? #2399

#1 Post by pwassink » 15 Mar 2019, 13:46

version mega-20190315 and mega-20190311


Just updated some Esp's toe mega-20190315 here, found that the web log data display in the tools,log option does not give any data anymore
checked another node with version mega-20190311 that has also no log data visible, screen stays in "Fetching log entries..." mode too.

One of them has syslog activated, logdata is available there, so it is probable something failing in the displaying of that data on the web-console

Anyone with same behavior ?

seemed caused by web-browser - cache issue again, firefox does that once in w a while..



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