Monitoring Battery/Accu

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Monitoring Battery/Accu

#1 Post by Beliar_666 » 11 Apr 2019, 00:11

I plan to run my Nodemcu with ESP Easy Mega with Batterys/Accu as Powersupply. Is it possible to monitor the Powersource used and send the Voltage also via mqtt?

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Re: Monitoring Battery/Accu

#2 Post by ThomasB » 11 Apr 2019, 01:51

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
Use the "Analog input - internal" Plugin. ADC input is on pin A0.

You MUST use a voltage divider that scales your maximum external voltage so it does not exceed 1VDC: ... ge_divider ... nitor.html

Notes: Do not use a firmware release with "VCC" in its name. Some NodeMCU boards include a voltage divider (see details in link above).

- Thomas

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