P124_NeoPixelBusFX and FHEM with code example from library

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P124_NeoPixelBusFX and FHEM with code example from library

#1 Post by spynet » 14 Apr 2019, 13:24

Hello, I have the P124_NeoPixelBusFX plugin running on NodeMCU v2 with ESPEasy.
This is part of the library "NeopixelBusFX-master".
This library comes with a file "FHEM_DOIF_NFX.txt" with a code example.

Now I have already a connection with my FHEM installation.
But I do not know, to which devices the code belongs to.

I have an ESPEasy Bridge at the FHEM installation and I have an ESPEasy device in the FHEM that allows me to control the LED strip.

Now It seems, that I have to create a notify with the code from the file.
But where do I have to assign the attributes? Do I have to create an additional dummy for this?

Here the code of "FHEM_DOIF_NFX.txt" if needed.

Code: Select all

defmod ESP DOIF ## cmd_1: Ausschalten\
([$SELF:effect] eq "off") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx off 1000 10\
## cmd_2: Animation anhalten\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "stop") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx stop\
## cmd_3: Einschalten\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "on") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx on 1000 10\
## cmd_4: Alle Pixel auf eine Farbe setzen\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "all") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx all [$SELF:color_1]\
## cmd_5: Regenbogen-Effekt\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "rainbow") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx rainbow [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_6: Feuer-Effekt\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "fire") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx fire [$SELF:speed] 255 40 20\
## cmd_7: Fake TV Animation\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "faketv") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx faketv 1 72\
## cmd_8: Colorfade\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "colorfade") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx colorfade [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] 1 72\
## cmd_9: Knightrider\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "kitt") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx kitt [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_10: Theater\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "theatre") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx theatre [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] 5 [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_11: Twinklefade\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "twinklefade") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx twinklefade [$SELF:color_1] 8 [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_12: Wipe-Effekt\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "wipe") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx wipe [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_13: Dualwipe-IN-Effekt\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "dualwipe") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx dualwipe [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_14: Dualwipe-OUT-Effekt\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "dualwipeout") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx dualwipe 000000 [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_15: Twinkle\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "twinkle") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx twinkle [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_16: Comet\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "comet") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx comet [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_17: Scan\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "scan") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx scan [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_18: Dualscan\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "dualscan") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx dualscan [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
## cmd_19: Sparkle\
DOELSEIF ([$SELF:effect] eq "sparkle") (\
set [$SELF:device] nfx sparkle [$SELF:color_1] [$SELF:color_2] [$SELF:speed]\
attr di.sz.nfx alias NeopixelBusFX
attr di.sz.nfx cmdIcon play:rc_PLAY stop:rc_STOP on:taster_ch_an_gruen off:taster_ch_aus_rot
attr di.sz.nfx devStateIcon initialized:general_ok@green cmd_1:general_aus@darkred cmd_2:rc_STOP cmd_3:general_an@green cmd_4:rc_1 cmd_5:rc_2 cmd_6:rc_3 cmd_7:rc_4 cmd_8:rc_5 cmd_9:rc_6 cmd_10:rc_7 cmd_11:rc_8 cmd_12:rc_9
attr di.sz.nfx do always
attr di.sz.nfx eventMap /effect on:on/effect off:off/effect stop:stop/
attr di.sz.nfx group 01_NeopixelBusFX
attr di.sz.nfx icon hue_filled_lightstrip
attr di.sz.nfx readingList speed,effect,color_1,color_2,device
attr di.sz.nfx room Logik,Schlafzimmer
attr di.sz.nfx setList device:test.esp.wemos.1,sz.esp.innensensor effect:wipe,dualwipe,dualwipeout,all,fire,faketv,kitt,comet,theatre,rainbow,colorfade,scan,dualscan,twinkle,twinklefade,sparkle color_1:colorpicker,rgb color_2:colorpicker,rgb speed:selectnumbers,-50,1,50,0,lin
attr di.sz.nfx stateFormat state
attr di.sz.nfx webCmd device:effect:color_1:color_2:speed:play:stop:on:off
attr di.sz.nfx webCmdLabel Controller:Effekt:Farbe ;1:Farbe ;2:Speed: ;: ;: ;: ;
I'm happy about any hint.



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Re: P124_NeoPixelBusFX and FHEM with code example from library

#2 Post by spynet » 19 Apr 2019, 20:26


I solved my problem.
Parallel to the question here I was looking for help in the german FHEM forum. The solution can therefore be found there.


Maybe it helps somebody.


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