Hardware Watchdog Reboots

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Re: Hardware Watchdog Reboots

#101 Post by rayE » 13 Jul 2019, 14:03

And tada.... both nodes are up and running for 3 days now. No more web hangers etc
I totally agree, There is a lot of evidence to the underlying problem given the router configuration. This needs to be documented in some kind of on line spread sheet that the "testers" update (maybe), im sure the results may HELP point a fix for the developers?


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Re: Hardware Watchdog Reboots

#102 Post by Shardan » 20 Jul 2019, 14:58

After some days of testing I think the reason is located with the WiFi reconnects.

As posted above I'm runing three nodes with the 0630-version.
These nodes were resetted by WD after a few hours.
The following steps made them working far more stable:

Usually I run a Ubiquiti Unifi Long Range AP for severeal WiFi's and about 35 devices from TV to ESPEasy.

I disabled the WiFi for home automation on that AP and grabbed an old TPLink AP from the basement shelf
so all nodes are running on a separate AP now.
Secind I set the configuration to "Force WiFi No Sleep"= on and "Periodically send Gratuitous ARP" = on (should be set by default).

Sadly we had a complete power outage here so the uptimesare shorted but atm I have uptimes of around 7 days on all three devices.
I didn't see such uptimes for a while... ;)

I won't say this is a solution.
But it shows quite clear the reason for WD resets is located in the WiFi part, I assume inside the core lib.

Have a nice weekend everynone.

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