Platformio questions

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Platformio questions

#1 Post by cherowley » 22 May 2019, 13:16


I'm trying to adjust to using platformio on vscode.

When opening the src directory its complaining that c/c++ intellisense service does not support ino files.

I can install the arduino extension to get rid of that message but then it complains that there's conflicts between it and the c/c++ extensions ?

Also, is there anyway to configure it to NOT keep rebuilding all the library files each build and just resue the last built .o files? (like visual studio) ?

Also, is there a way to configure a default build task and a default build/upload task so able to use shortcuts?

Cheers o platformio / vscode ide gurus!

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Re: Platformio questions

#2 Post by dmenne » 03 Jun 2019, 09:21

I have the same problem. Visual Studio Code with platformio, latest update. Building and flashing own programs (cpp-based) is working fine. No other Arduino plugin installed.

Anybody with the same problem?

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