fingerprint Wiegand no Data ..

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fingerprint Wiegand no Data ..

#1 Post by ChrisX » 04 Jun 2019, 07:44

hi, i have this: ... d41bfd49-0

and a d1 mini pro esp-8266 ex ... EX-Stecker

I use it with Level Converter: ... 2409796871

-Connect esp with USB Power
- COnnect 3,3V to LV and 3,3gnd to GND ( External not ESP )
- Connect 5v to HV and 5vgnd to gnd ( External not ESP )
Wiegard green > to HV2
Wiegard white > to HV1

From other level connector
LV2 (green) to ESP D6
LV1 /white) to ESP D7 i also User D3 or D4

In devide i set and activate Wiegand 26

On Hardware i also cange D6 D7 .. to Input
I have add fingerprints in Device Relay is okay .. But i get no tags !!!

EDIT: Maybe a GND problem ? Must all ESP,Levelshifter,fingerpint the same GND ? all from 12v Power ?

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Re: fingerprint Wiegand no Data ..

#2 Post by lumajo » 03 Jul 2019, 13:27

The Wiegand protocoll only works for RFID to my knowledge, not for fingerprint and not for the PIN you are able to enter.
Ever tried a RFID card and check the output?

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